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Thread: HSMM-MESH in QST - July 2013

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    Default HSMM-MESH in QST - July 2013

    Check QST page 68-69 of the July 2013 issue. The Texas crew created a ~10 mile link with at least 1 hop to stream video from the finish line of a race to a viewing area using HSMM-MESH routers.
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    Almost 11 miles, the hops were 9.1 miles and 1.8 miles. Neither with amps, just stock WRT54G routers. The main path used dishes and the shorter one an omni with gain and a yagi. The finish line had an IP camera that the link was transmitting back to the spectators who for environmental protection were not allowed to be at the actual finish. They used UPSes to power everything for 10 hours.

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    We need to start planning for deploying HSMM-MESH for Ragnar 2014.

    Here's the video that documents the Big Bend group's setup for their event that's in the QST article.

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