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Thread: Old Radio, Raspberry Pi, APRS Digipeater?

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    Old Radio, Raspberry Pi, APRS Digipeater?

    So, I have an old Yaesu Memorizer radio (FT-277R), it's a 2m rig that puts out a touch over 10W. It's got problems with the tone squelch and the +600 Tx Offset setting is acting up. I'm considering putting together a simple copper wire J-Pole tuned for 144.390 and hanging it in the tree outside my house, then hooking up the Yaesu with a Raspberry PI running Direwolf ( and setting it up as an APRS I-Gate. I'm in N Phoenix, around I-17 and Greenway and I'm just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on it? For instance, one way or two way repeater? Would it actually be useful? I have most of the pieces I need, short of a run of coax, so it would cost me essentially nothing to set up.


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    2 way for sure. 1 way I-gates are a black hole. If someone tries to send a message, one of the reasons for an igate in the first place, they will never get a reply.

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    I agree make it 2 way if possible. A RX only I-gate is better than no I-gate though. I have a one way RX I-gate. I only went that way to save money. Used a smartphone with U2APRS on it. I have plans to make it a 2 way I-gate some day.
    Check to see what other I-gates or digipeaters are in your area. Talk to the local ham club. At the very least you will improve courage around your house. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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    My I-gate/digipeater W6SDM-2, uses an old FT-2900 that used to live in my Jeep before I upgraded to an FTM-400DR. I run it on a dedicated PC that I was going to part out. I have a J-pole up about 30 feet. Since I ham in a rural area about 30 miles from any other I-gates, it does serve a useful purpose serving traffic along Interstate 8.

    I am using the UI-view 32 software. The story I heard is that when the author passed away, he left instructions for the source code to be destroyed, which is why there have been no updates for many years - since the Windows XP days. Fortunately, it works okay with Windows 10.

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