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Thread: moto for the cherokee

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    moto for the cherokee

    really wanted to get a radio in the "Momma Jeep"
    as my wife is a very new ham i wanted to adhere to the "kiss" theme
    i couldn't figure out where to mount a Astro W9 head or a Midland STII head
    so just to keep things simple
    a Moto CM200 !
    i programmed it for 52,the club machine,and couple other locals and set the power to around 20 watts
    new NMO mount right in front of the dome light and ran the coax over to the front right pillar on above the headliner
    and down inside the post trim and under the carpet to the console
    power comes from the lug on the fron power box, i grabbed a ground up there as well
    its a old yaesu harness so it has those silly fuse shells (when they go to crap ill put those rubber ATC holders up there
    i will be putting a 1/4 wave whip on it as i cant see the need for that Diamond dual band antenna (i never liked it any way)
    I haven't done a install for a while so i thought i would share


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    Nice clean looking install.

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    I second, it looks clean!
    73's Ron

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