Any other 4100 owners found this to be true? Thanks

"I recently purchased a new ID-4100A from Gigaparts and have been setting it up over the weekend. I bought it to replace my ID-880H which I have had for years. One of the main reasons I bought it was for the built in GPS, and the Terminal and Access point modes. Much to my surprise there was virtually no information in the manual about how to use them. I searched the internet and found several instructions and used them to attempt to setup an access point using the 4100A, but I just couldn't get it to work. Now my understanding of an access point in DTAR is that it should be like a DVAP or SharkRF or a D-HAP. You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the 4100A access point and terminal mode is nothing like that. If fact I wouldn't call it disappointment as mush as plain disgust. I feel that Icom has pulled a fast one on America since the 4100 uses a form of call sign routing to accomplish what the call an access point. I found this on W6CX website during my search for information on how to configure the access point on the 4100A; "But you should be aware Terminal and AccessPoint modes only work using ICOM Callsign Routing. This means when you connect to another gateway through the internet and transmit, you will be heard there, but users who want to reply will need to know how to use Callsign Routing and capture your callsign (usually by pressing the radio's Callsign Capture button while you are still transmitting). If they don't do that, you will not hear their reply. The same applies to when you want to reply to a callsign routed call. This means Terminal and Access Point features do not support linked connections to reflectors. This fact is not always obvious from reading the sales literature. " I am tempted to return the radio to ICOM, but I bought it through Gigaparts and I don't think they will take it back. What is ICOM America planning to do about this? Is there a fix or is it up to the local clubs and individuals to work around the issue like W6CX did? I am very disappointed in ICOM for advertising this radio as something that it isn't."