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Thread: Savahia Pk, California - Off Road Mobile HF Project

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    Savahia Pk, California - Off Road Mobile HF Project

    A special invitation to our neighbors especially in Arizona.
    HF Mobile Off Road Test Project [LEVEL 3]
    SAVAHIA PEAK / PYRAMID BUTTE , Southeastern California Desert (very close to AZ - hint hint)

    Friday Nov 10th and Saturday Nov 11th, 2017

    HF Comms from Savahia Peak, CA. to Coordinating Stations

    Team up with Land Ops ARC for some unique VHF and HF testing.

    The project operation area and campout is approx 15-17 miles SW of Lake Havasu (as the drone flies).

    Lake Hav.jpg

    Anyone interested is linking up with us on location chime in by replying to this thread on If you're from Arizona and can rendezvous with us please do. You are invited even if you don't do HF. We all have VHF. I just think this is a unique opportunity to connect off road with a So Cal Land Ops team and our Arizona ham neighbors.
    We'll be camping overnight Friday and Saturday evening.
    If you want to participate as a check in station from afar that would be nice too.


    Testing NVIS
    We're probably going to setup a base camp (net control station) somewhere around Pyramid Butt or Savahia Peak. This is very close to Arizona. Then we plan on sending teams out from there to get behind mountains to block DX signals. We're looking to create conditions where we can test NVIS ONLY and make sure that only NVIS is working and not DX. This will allow us to make sure our NVIS antennas and techniques are working. Of course we'll have DX antennas up so longer range contacts can be made, but this project has a focus on NVIS.


    Those who would like to stay home may help to test NVIS within 400 mile radius of our area.
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