Hello everyone, Yes, while I do know this is not a lot of time for planning but, we are going to Crown King this Saturday the 2nd... Meet up spot is New River road & Carefree Highway at 8 AM... Talk in frequency is 147.240 + offset, PL Tone 162.2... Once all who are going is accounted for we will leave for the airdown spot... Upon leaving for the trail we will use 147.520 SIMPLEX until we reach I-17... Please bring enough snacks/lunch/water (unless you plan on eating in Crown King), for everyone in your party... I have not been on this trail since last year, so, obstacles are at your own risk, Some obstacles have bypass routes, A lift would be preferred as well as offroad tires, lockers will be great, limited slip is good also... There is a possibility of Arizona pin striping too... I am setting a limit on the number of 4 wheelers to 12... Those wishing to save a spot can text/call/email me & I will add you to this list... I will update this posting as often as I can for who is going... I can be reached by E-mail by clicking on Harry, also by phone/text (602)290-3781


1) Harry - W3CCW
2) Steve - KG7DJR
3) Steve B.
4) Scott