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Thread: Kenwood TM-D710

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    Kenwood TM-D710

    I have a Kenwood TM-D710 that has a beaconing issue. Some times it beacons perfect other times it
    goes out of scan. Locks on one of scanned channels. I have to restart the scan function for it to
    resume. Is there any reason it would do this. I Have already done a master clearing of radio.
    I have reset all the APRS info to radio for it to work. Still does it. Any Help ?????

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    I'm not sure if I'll be of any help since I don't usually scan on my 710 when running APRS. What is menu 514 set to? i would think the Scan Resume would take over and resume. Looking at the menus, I don't see anything that should interrupt a scan.
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